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The new Infinity Words

The last time I posted on the old blog was September 2013, and that was about some Spelunky videos, so didn’t really count. That means the last time I posted on the old blog was really January 2013. (And that was a Games of 2012 post, so didn’t really count.)

Between my full time work for PC Gamer, and my extra-curricular freelance work, usually for PC Gamer, I don’t really have the time to write lengthy prose for fun. And on those rare occasions when I do, there’s another barrier: Wordpress.

Wordpress is basically my office now. My job involves posting things into its insatiable back-end multiple times per day. People think that if your job is to write about games, you’ll eventually get bored of games. Mostly, I’m just bored of looking at Wordpress.

Also, the site needed a redesign. I balked at the thought of trying to wrestle my Frankenstein’s Atahualpa theme into something presentable. At least, I think I did. I’ve no idea what facial expression corresponds to “balking”. I’m not sure anyone’s done it since the 18th century.

Anyway, this is a Tumblr now, which feels like cheating but has the benefit of doing pretty much everything I needed the old blog to do.